Sony DR-GA500 and DR-GA200 Ultimate Weapon Gaming Headsets

Sony DR-GA200 Gaming Headset
Sony aims at gamers with its new Ultimate Weapon Gaming headsets, namely the Sony DR-GA500 and the DR-GA200. According to Sony both headsets were designed in response to extensive user research that shows what different gamers want from the ideal headset. Both headsets comes with unique Sony surround technology, they feature 40mm drive units for outstanding sound quality with resonant, living bass and crisp high frequencies.

The DR-GA500 features a 7.1ch digital surround sound that makes it ideal for first person shooter games, its signal processing hardware is contained in a compact external unit, and creates a 7.1ch 3D surround effects thanks to its integrated Dolby Pro Logic IIx decoder with unique Sony Virtual Phones Technology.

There is also the DR-GA200 that features basically the same specs except for the signal/audio processing. Both the DR-GA500 and DR-GA200 Gaming Headsets features Sony’s triple enfolding design for comfort when wearing the headsets for over long periods. There are no pricing details available, however there is word that Sony will be offering these as a bundle in mid-October with the new Metal of Honor Game.

Source: Marketwire

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