Sony ICD-SX750, ICD-SX850, ICD-BX800 and ICD-PX820 Digital Voice Recorders

Sony ICD-SX750, ICD-SX850, ICD-BX800 and ICD-PX820 Digital Voice Recorders
Sony recently announced some new digital voice recorders, the new voice recorder line up includes the ICD-SX750, ICD-SX850 series, ICD-BX800 series and ICD-PX820 series. The elegantly styled ICD-SX750 and ICD-SX850 digital voice recorders features superlative audio quality and a ultra-long record time. These two also supports MP3, WMA playback and record in MP3, LPEC and Linear PCM formats while other models records in only mp3.

The SX750 has 2GB of internal storage while the SX850 has 4GB. There is the ICD-SX850DR bundle that comes with a handy USB docking station plus the acclaimed Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Recorder Edition software on CD-ROM. The ICD-BX800 and ICD-PX820 models all have 2GB of memory and use two AAA batteries. The ICD-BX800M and ICD-PX820M models have tie-clip microphone and the ICD-PX820D includes the Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Recorder Edition software.

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ICD-SX750 and ICD-SX850
Superlative audio quality meets ultra-long record times with the slim, elegantly styled ICD-SX750 and ICD-SX850 digital voice recorders.

2GB of flash memory inside the SX750 offers storage space for no less than 750 hours of voice recordings or music (in LP mode). A massive 4GB memory boosts record time on the SX850 to a phenomenal 1505 hours – that’s over two months of non-stop voice or music.

Triple microphones broaden the options for recording high-quality voice or music. In addition to the low-noise stereo mic pair, a highly sensitive uni-directional mic helps pinpoint a speaker who’s further away from the recorder. Sound clarity is boosted further by a low-cut filter, while Noise Cut technology enhances speech frequencies so they’re clearly understood. For even more convenient operation, VOR (Voice Operated Recording) is complemented by handy Add/Overwrite record functions.

There’s a choice of MP3 and highly-efficient LPEC formats for everyday voice recording, plus Linear PCM to capture voice and music in stereo with CD quality.

After you’ve finished recording, 36-step playback speed control over a generous -75%/+200% range simplifies accurate transcription of interviews or lecture notes. There’s full complement of edit functions to simplify management of your recordings, including Divide, Erase, Book-Mark and Select or Move folder.

Both recorders double as a handy portable music player, letting you enjoy your collection of MP3 and WMA files with superb fidelity on the supplied in-ear headphones, wherever you are. High-speed USB connection supports drag-and-drop transfer of voice, MP3 music and even PC files to any computer. It’s great way to back up your personal media collection and other valuable data.

A single charge of the rechargeable battery allows up to 19hrs of continuous recording, with 22hrs of playback time while listening on headphones. There’s also a built-in high output speaker for clear monitoring of your recordings.

Supplied accessories include a USB cable, carry pouch, stand, mic windshield for clearer recordings and Digital Voice Editor software on CD-ROM.

All new models are Dragon 5 star certified for up to 99% automatic speech-to-text conversion accuracy. Available as a special value bundle, the ICD-SX850DR includes a handy USB docking station plus the acclaimed Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Recorder Edition software on CD-ROM.

ICD-BX800 and ICD-PX820
The affordable, easy to use ICD-BX800 and ICD-PX820 are perfect for capturing lectures and interviews, everyday thoughts or sketching out the melody for your next song.

ICD-SX800, ICD-BX820
Both models offer a generous 2GB of flash memory storage for up to 500 hours of recording time – more than enough to capture a full term’s worth of lecture notes.

Light and comfortable to hold, the BX800 and PX820 are beautifully simple to use, with clear function buttons and a large, backlit LCD. “Hands free” operation is easy, with Voice Operated Recording (VOR) that halts recording momentarily when you – or your interviewee – pauses while talking. There’s also a Noise Cut function that boosts the clarity of recorded speech.

Voice playback via the on-board speaker is crisp and clear. 21-step digital playback speed control helps you hear exactly what’s been said when you’re transcribing that seminar or interview. Useful management functions include Divide, Erase and Select or Move folder.

Extra-long battery life lets you talk – and listen – for longer without running out of power. A single AAA alkaline battery allows up to 48 hours of uninterrupted recording. Listening on headphones (in LP mode) offers an equally impressive 32 hours playback time.

Sharing all the features of the BX800, the ICD-PX820 features a USB port (cable included) for transfer of MP3 voice files to your PC (not Mac) for storing, editing or sharing. Offering fantastic value, the ICD-PX820D includes a CD-ROM copy of Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 Recorder Edition software.

Also available, the ICD-BX800M and ICD-PX820M are great value bundle that include a high-quality tieclip microphone. Offering a significant saving on buying both items separately, it’s ideal for capturing lectures, speeches and interviews with even crisper, clearer voice quality.

The new ICD-SX750, ICD-SX850, ICD-BX800 and ICD-PX820 series digital voice recorders are available from April 2010.

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  1. my speaker worked for about 1 month and just stpped n only works with headset or plug in speakers. any solutions anyone?

  2. I have gotten mine to work with battery-powered speakers. It probably doesn’t have enough power to push non-powered speakers.

  3. I have the ICD-PX820 and cannot get any speaker to work when plugged into the headset connector. Sony says that it would be impossible to make speakers work with this but I’m not so sure. All I get is feedback and screeching no matter what speakers I use to play back the music (I’m talking about banjo practice). Anyone have any ideas about this?

  4. Will the ICD-SX850 be offered for sale in the US? It is not available on Also, the ICD-SX750 is on the site, but the ICD-SX850 appears only on non-US sites like

  5. hello,
    would please guide me which model of voice recorder has maximum range of recording?
    for example: can i record from 20 meter.200cm.

    vorrei sapere come’ di piu distanse?

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