PlayStation 4 20th Anniversary Console

Sony launches Special Edition 20th Anniversary PS4 Console

Last year Sony unveiled its 20th Anniversary PS4, the company only made 12,300 units available on the market and they were all sold. Sony has just announced that they will be releasing another special 20th Anniversary version of the PS4.

Sony will be auctioning the first unit of the special edition with the proceeds going to charity, the Save the Children Japan. Sony has already started the bidding for the special edition 20th Anniversary gaming console and has reached a massive 16,778,516 Yen which is about $142,000USD at the current exchange rate.

In order for you to bit on the device you must reside in Japan, or have an address in Japan. We are keeping a close eye on the nail-biting bidding process to see how much the console will eventually go for.

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