Sony NAS-V5 and NAS-V7M Walkman Speaker Docks

Sony NAS-V5 Walkman Speaker Dock
In addition to the RDP-NWV500 Speaker Dock, Sony also announced the NAS-V5 and NAS-V7M Walkman speaker docks which both supports WiFi connectivity for accessing internet radio stations and Ethernet LAN.

Firstly, the NAS-V7M supports media playback of MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV and ATRAC files, it comes with a built-in CD player and 16GB internal memory for storing your music. Both devices features a similar design and comes with a FM/AM tuner, 65mm full range speakers with 7.5Wx2 output and MEGA BASS. You also get a USB port for transferring music files to your device.

NAS-V7M Walkman Speaker Docks
The Sony NAS-V5 and NAS-V7M Walkman speaker docks are expected to surface in Japan sometime in June with the Sony NAS-V7M going for 50,000 Yen which is just about $535 and the Sony NAS-V5 going for 40,000 Yen which is approximately $428 on the US Market. The Sony NAS-V7M comes in Silver and Gold and NAS-V5 in Black and Pink.

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