Sony Free PS3 Deal

Sony Offers Free PS3 and PS Vita with Notebook Purchase

Sony Free PS3 Deal
Sony just announced its best deal ever which is aimed at teachers and students alike, or general consumers to say. Sony is offering a free PS3 or PS Vita Handheld Gaming device with the purchase of certain laptops which starts at $746.89. If you don’t need any of those gaming consoles at this time, you can get a discount on other PlayStation accessories and gear.

Sans the gaming consoles, customers who purchase any of the notebooks would get $200 off their choice of other PlayStation gear. The Sony Notebooks being offered in this special deal includes the new Sony VAIO T ultrabook, a super slim device that comes equipped with a 1.7GHz Core i5 processor.

If you aren’t an ultrabook lover then there’s also the choice of other computers such as the devices with 13.3-inch and 15.5-inch screens from the Sony S range.

[Via: Sony & The Verge]

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