Sony PS4

Sony PlayStation 4 Launch in China Delayed

Sony made the announcement back in December of its intentions to launch the PlayStation 4 in China on the 11th of January, however now it seems that the launch of the device will be delayed.

Sony PS4
Sony has delayed the launch of the gaming console due to various factors, even though they have not specified what the issues are. According to a recent report by Reuters, the PlayStation 4 China launch has been delayed due to prolonged negotiations with the Chinese authorities.

China is currently the world’s largest gaming market, and right now both Sony and Microsoft are looking for a share of the revenue in that market, which was $15 billion last year. Sony has applied to launch 30 games in China with their PlayStation 4, each of the games requires a license from the authorities before they can be sold in the country.

We will keep you guys updated as more details surfaces regarding the launch of the Sony PlayStation 4 in China.

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