Sony Pocket Tablet Concept by Patrik Eriksson

Sony Pocket Smartphone Tablet Concept
Designer, Patrik Eriksson has a vision for a new device that will deliver the mobility and productivity of a tablet in the size of a smartphone. It’s the Sony Pocket Tablet Concept which is the combination of a smartphone and a tablet, with a foldable design allowing the user to carry the device in their pockets, pocket books and very small bags that wouldn’t normally accommodate a tablet.

The device combines emerging technology such as flexible OLED display which enables the device to fold out giving it the same size work area as any tablet on the market. This device would be idea for business people on the go, giving them the ability to do work with their tablet even when they are traveling lightweight.

Sony Pocket Tablet Concept
The Sony Pocket Tablet Concept would also be ideal for music enthusiasts given them access to the latest music, movies and music videos with a widescreen display while traveling the subway, bus or even on an aircraft. Check out the images of the concept and share your thoughts!

[Via: Yanko Design]

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