Sony PRS-300 Pocket and PRS-600 Touch Reader now Official

Sony PRS-300 Pocket Reader
Sony yesterday made its first line of e-Book Readers official, they are the Sony PRS-300 Pocket and the Sony PRS-600 Touch Reader. Both the Both PRS-300 Reader Pocket Edition and PRS-600 Reader Touch Edition comes with a E Ink Vizplex Electronic Paper Display that boast a screen resolution of 800×600 at 8-level grayscale. The Sony PRS-300 reader has a 5-inch display while the PRS-600 Touchscreen version features a 6-inch touch display, both e-Book Reader comes with 512MB of internal memory with the PRS-600 having extras which includes a built-in Oxford American English Dictionary and expansion slots for MS Pro Duo and SD cards.

Both readers have the ability to view EPUB, BBeB Book, PDF, Word, Text file and RTF formats while the PRS-600 Touch Version has the ability to play MP3 Files, AAC audio and view images. The PRS-300 Pocket Version will cost $199 while the PRS-600 Touch version will cost $299 and is available in red, black and silver.

Sony PRS-600 Touchscreen Reader


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