Sony SmartWatch 2 Launched

Sony has introduced its new SmartWatch 2, which was designed to become a second screen for your Android smartphone. The SmartWatch 2 is an accessory for your android smartphone allowing the user to remotely control an Android application without having to touch their smartphone. It comes equipped with a 1.6-inch pixel display with a 220×176 resolution which allows you to look up information on the smartphone or send simple commands to a smartphone without having to physical touch the handset.

Sony SmartWatchSimple task for the SmartWatch 2 includes controlling a music track, checking messages on your smartphone, look up call log, view missed calls and other notifications. When its not paired with a device, its simple a wrist watch which gives you the time. The SmartWatch itself is not an android device but an smart accessory which is built to feature a familiar-looking interface.

It was constructed using aluminum plus the wristband can be customized, this watch is also compatible with non-Sony Android handset and while the specifications list states “works with most Android handsets”, there’s no specific list. But you give a better idea of which phones will work, the handset must run Android 4.0 or higher. SmartWatch 2 will need to be charged on a regular basis via a micro-USB connector. The battery life is unknown for now, but it will be a key component of the success or failure of the whole concept.

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