Sony unveiled a thinner PlayStation 3 CECH-3000B in Japan

Sony has decided to launch a thinner version of the PlayStation 3 which is also lighter and will also consume less power than its predecessor. The new PlayStation CECH-3000B comes with a 200 watts 320GB Hard Drive that consumers less power that the 230watt hard drive that came in the previous version. This PS3 model will replace the earlier 2500B model, there are also a few limitations which includes the limitation of Blu-ray movies to the most, 480i output when the user doesn’t use an HDMI output. The new Sony PS3 also will be shipped in a bundle with a special Hard Drive Recorder that will allow the recording of TV Shows to its hard drive storage.

Sony unveiled a thinner PlayStation 3 in Japan
The Sony PlayStation 3 CECH-3000B is expected to replace its predecessor on the Japanese Market and will go for the price of ¥34,980 which is approximately $400 in the United States. There has been no details or announcements if the new Thin PlayStation 3 CECH-3000B hitting the US Market anytime soon.

Source: Electronista

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