Sony VPL-EX100, VPL-EX120, VPL-EX145 and VPL-EX175 E Series Projectors

Sony introduces four new projectors, the VPL-EX100, VPL-EX120, VPL-EX145 and VPL-EX175 to its E-Series Data Projector line. The Projectors are targeted at schools and smaller businesses. They all come equipped with a short focal-length lens that allows large screen projections from a very short distances. They all features Sony’s newly developed high-performance lamp and advanced lamp-control technology that delivers a long lamp replacement time of 6,000 hours and there is also Sony’s latest generation of inorganic BrightEra panels which the company claims will ensure brighter images.

All four models offers a native XGA resolution of 1024×768, the VPL-EX100 offers a 2300 lumens brightness, the VPL-EX120 offers a 2600 lumens brightness, the VPL-EX145 offers a 3100 lumens brightness and the VPL-EX175 offer 3600 lumens of brightness.

Each of the projectors listed above features a standard 1.3x zoom lens, they have three preset brightness modes and a Eco Mode Function that will automatically turn off the projector’s lamp after 10 minutes without signal input.

All four projectors in the Sony E-Series or VPL-E series will be launched in Europe in October.

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