Sony Walkman B170 Digital Music Player Black Model

Sony Walkman B170 Digital Music Player

Sony Walkman B170
Sony announced the new Walkman B170, a digital media player that comes in a small and compact form factor. The Walkman B170 is lightweight and has a built-in USB connector, just like you would find in a USB flash drive. Loading the device with your favorite tracks is a breeze, simply drag and drop your songs onto the drive without the need for any software.

The Walkman B170 is available in the storage options of 2GB and 4GB, they support MP3 and WMA music files and also supports ZAPPIN search technology that will scan your music collection, and let you preview each song without menus or playlist. The B170 can also be plugged directly into your HiFi audio systems or car audio for direct music playback, it has a 3-inch LCD display and a detachable clip so you can attache the player to belt or cloths.

Sony Walkman B170 Digital Music Player Black Model
The company also added an internal battery that allows 18 hours of continous playback and a quick charging feature which enables the device to be charged for 3 minutes and delivering 90 minutes of playback.

The B170 Media Player comes bundled with MDR-E804YLA headphones and will be available in the color options of black, red, blue, gold and pink.

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