Sony will unveil 18 unannounced PlayStation Vita games at the Tokyo Game Show

PlayStation VitaIf you are excited about the newly released PlayStation Vita and its games, then you may want to keep your eyes on the coverage that will be coming out of the Tokyo Game Show which will be kicking off in the next couple of weeks as Sony has plans to announce a bunch of new games, 18 to be exact for the upcoming portable console. The 18 new games that will be released does not include the 13 that were announced with the release of the portable console.

But if you are not one of the anxious gamers who are waiting on the PlayStation Vita, the PlayStation 3 Console also has a few games coming as well. There has been 19 new titles announced as well as 3 unannounced titles as well, the PSP maybe getting outdated but it will be getting 5 announced titles and also 1 that is still unannounced. More information on the lineup and titles can be found on The Sixth Axis.

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