Sony Xperia Tablet S Sales Stopped Due to Flaws

The Sony Xperia Tablet S is supposed to be water-resistant, it was manufactured with a special coating to keep out small amounts of water from damaging the device; however Sony recently discovered that the device is actually susceptible to water damage because of gaps between the display and the casing.

Sony Xperia Tablet SSince the company discovered the flaws with the tablet they have temporarily halted sales putting a damper on what the company hoped would be a successful rebranding of its tablet business.

According to Sony, Xperia Tablet S problems originated with the way it was manufactured in China, the gap between the casing and the screen is incredible small, however it is still big enough to water get into the device and potential cause damage.

Initially Sony claimed the device to be splash-proof but because of the gaps between the screen and casing, the splashproof claims Sony made at launch isn’t so accurate after-all. Since the launch the company shipped more than 100,000 tablets to U.S., Europe, and Japan, the question is how will the company fix this amount of tablets.

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