Sound ASleep Comfort Pillow with Built-in Speaker

Sound Asleep Comfort Pillow
If you are presently searching for the perfect Christmas Gift for your teenage children, an ebook lover or even for yourself, if you like listening to soothing sound before heading off to Zzz land, then you might want to turn your eyes in this direction as we introduce the SOUND ASLEEP Comfort Pillow that comes with a built-in Speaker. The Sound ASleep Comfort Pillow works with any media player or any other device with audio, no matter if it is an iPod, Smartphone, Radio, TV, PSP as long as it can act as an audio source, the Sound ASleep Comfort Pillow will connect.

So instead of falling asleep with headphones on, the Sound Asleep is the perfect alternative. It offers comfort as it is a Standard 20×26-inch pillow, its so comfortable you won’t believe that there is a speaker inside. Ever since we received the Sound Asleep, we have been trying to locate the speaker inside but still can’t locate it. There is no lump, bump or hard spot to be found.

Another nice feature of the Pillow is that it comes with a 46-inch stereo cable so if you don’t own a Phone, or Media Player then the 46-inch stereo cable have enough clearance, the right length to connect your TV or Radio.

Probably right now you are thinking “But my kids are gonna keep me up all night with this!“, the beauty about the SOUND ASLEEP Comfort Pillow is that only the individual laying on it will be able to hear what is playing so it won’t disturb others. Plus it cost a only a few dollars, $29.99 to be exact, where it can be bought are listed below.

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