Sound Blaster X-Fi Go USB Sound Card

Creative USB Sound Card
Creative the company that gave you the Zen Mozaic Player, Zen X-Fi Player and a whole lot of other products now presents to you the Sound Blaster X-Fi Go, a sound card that gives quality audio while on the go.

The Sound Blaster X-Fi mobile is one of the newer sound card by Creative. Its features the Creative EAX ADVANCED HD sound effects and ALchemy surround sound for Windows Vista, 1GB storage capacity which can be used to store custom gaming profiles, plug-ins, add-ons, and Creative’s bonus applications.


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  1. Nifty little product. Just got one in the US and its cool if you don’t have an ExpressCard slot for their other laptop audio upgrade option. Cards you plug into your desktop will always have more power. But for something portable this is a decent option. I picked one up in the US from Creative’s site for just $49 $5 shipping after waiting for it to be released there after Asia had it for a while.

    Check it out:

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