Sound Box X-Mini Portable USB-Powered Speakers

Sound Box X-Mini PortableDo you remember the X-Mini II?, well the makers of the product, Marvel Digital has just released its new Sound Box X-Mini 018 which takes the same design as its predecessor, the X-Mini II. The Mini Sound Box features the same compact and lightweight design, weighs in at 83grams, it comes equipped with a standard 3.5mm audio plug that enables the user to use headphone jacks when sharing your favorite tracks isn’t required.

The Sound Box X-Mini is compatible with most devices including MP3, MP4, Smartphones, iPod, Netbooks and Portable CD Players. It comes with an integrated 400mAh battery that can be recharged in 2.5 hours by simple connecting it to a USB port. On the inside, there is a 40mm speaker that delivers a 2W output with a frequency range of 100Hz – 20KHz. The Special Mini Sound Box X-Mini is ideal for notebook and other media playing device owners who wants a better quality sound than what their device offers, the Sound Box X-Mini is presently available in seven different colors and goes for $28.50 per unit.

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