Sound ID 400 Bluetooth Headset

Sound ID 400
Sounf ID presents its latest Bluetooth Headset the Sound ID 400, it comes with two unique features that set it apart from its competitors. The first of the two features is the Environmental Mode that enables users to hear equally out both ears, even when wearing the bluetooth headset. The other feature is the Personal Sound feature which consists of three listening modes tuned to the most common hearing preferences to further enhance speech clarity without raising the volume.

Along with the Sound ID 400, there is also the CompanionLink Remote Microphone, which is an optional accessory that can be worn by a conversation partner or placed near a sound source, to pick up audio near its source for a richer listening experience. With each you will receive a Universal AC charger, a USB charging cable, three sizes of RealComfort EarLoops and an Ear Hook for an alternative over-the ear wearing option.

The Sound ID 400 will be available in Q4 for $129.99 MSR and the Sound ID CompanionLink Remote Microphone will also be available Q4 for $79.99

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