SoundMaster Dash7 Super-Flat Bluetooth Pocket Portable Soundbar

SoundMaster Dash7 Soundbar Bluetooth speaker systemDuring CES 2013 in Las Vegas, SoundMaster unveiled their new Dash7 pocket portable bluetooth soundbar, a wireless speaker system that delivers huge omni-directional sound from a compact design. The Dash7 was designed by former NASA engineer/audio legend Dr. Godehard Guenther, its a uber-flat 3/4-inch high wireless speaker system that utilizes bluetooth technology to connect to your smartphone, tablet or laptop to deliver quality audio while on the go.

The Dash7 is slim enough to slide into just about any purse or jacket pocket, it features a new 5th generation twoofer and BassBattery for true high-fidelity sound. The speaker system will be shipped with a case that transform into an angled stand for a higher resolution on-axis listening.

SoundMaster Dash7 WhiteOther than its ability to deliver your favorite music with clarity, it can also be used as a speakerphone with noise cancelling technology plus it also comes with a international USB charger kit which is powerful enough to rejuvenate your tablet as well.

SoundMaster started shipping the Dash7 on the US market late last month, its available in the colors of red and white, additional colors such as black and silver will be available later this month through US retailers such as Amazon and Best Buy. Expect to see the Dash7 Bluetooth Speaker System listed on the above mentioned retailers website for a suggested market price of $249 per unit.

Dash7 Bluetooth Portable Speaker

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