Speakal iKruv Starship-like Docking Station for iPod and iPhones

Speakal iKruv Starship-like Docking Station
Speakal has just introduced its new Docking Station called the iKruv that takes the shape of what appears to be a starship. The iKruv Starship-like Docking Station comes with a built-in amplifier which delivers up to 20 watts output, it is equipped with Acoustic Accelerator for premium sound quality plus the dock can charge and play all iPod and iPhone models.

The iKruv also comes with a video output connector allow a connection to your television or other screens, it also has a LCD display, it features glamorous accent lighting that provides a cool space-like glow and can be adjusted to four brightness levels using the bundled remote control. The iKruv iPhone/iPod Docking Station from Speakal is presently available and it goes for the price of $89.99 but if you wait a little it will be dropped to $79.99 for a limited time offer but will only come in Black, additionally colors; white, yellow, green, pink and blue coming soon. Check it out at Amazon or Speakal Website..

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