Samsung Galaxy S9

Sprint Offers Discounted Screen Repairs for Samsung Galaxy Phones

Samsung Galaxy S9

US-Based carrier Sprint just launched a new screen repair program for certain Galaxy Phones. The Sprint repair program will fix the cracked screen on your eligible Samsung phone no matter your carrier. Whether AT&T, T-Mobile or Verizon, Sprint will fix your phone for only $49.

The list of eligible devices is a very short one. Eligible devices include the Galaxy S7, S8-series, S9-series, and the Galaxy Note8. The list is a short one, however, in my opinion, they are offering a very special deal here.

Samsung’s latest flagship devices such as the Galaxy Fold and Note 10 are not on the list. If eligible devices are beyond repair, Sprint will take it off your hands and give you $150 towards a new phone.

One thing you should know is the Sprint screen repair program limits one device per customer. The promotion runs until February 9th, also please not all broken screens are repairable.

Source: Sprint

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