Sprint Plug-in-Connect Tri-Mode USB Modem

In addition to launching the Optimus G Smartphone on November 11th, Sprint also recently launched its new Plug-in-Connect Tri-Mode USB, a multi-mode mobile broadband modem that brings instant network connectivity to a laptop PC through USB connection while on the go.

Sprint Plug-in-ConnectThe new USB modem supports Sprint’s 3G CDMA (800/1900MHz), 4G LTE (1900MHz) and WiMax (2500MHz) mobile networks. It requires no software for connectivity, simple Plug-in-and-Connect, working just like an Ethernet cable. It is GPS-enabled for Sprint location-based services and supports Auto Connect and Auto NDIS.

Sprint’s Plug-in-Connect Tri-Mode USB has a rotating USB connector and LED service status indicator. The modem is now available from the carrier locations nationwide and you need not worry which computer you are using as it supports Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux, and Mac OS X 10.4 or above.

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