Square Register for iOS now works without an internet connection

The Square App is known for changing the way how payments are accepted on a mobile device, however the app had one small flaw, it would not work if there’s not an internet connection available. Well the developers behind the app has made an update that will have small business owners smiling from ear to ear.

square for ios
The update to the Square Register app for iOS now allows you to accept payments offline, as long as you upload the payment data within 72 hours. You can set the limit on the value of each transaction, the downside to using the offline payment processing is that you will lose out on declined payments that weren’t verified at the time.

This could become a popular option for small business owners such as those who operate food trucks, they can still accept payments even in areas where there’s no internet connectivity or spotty WiFi connections. You can now download the updated version of the app for iTunes, Square Register for iOS App.

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