Square unveils its SQUA(RED) Reader to help fight AIDS

Square has announced it’s new (PRODUCT)RED SQUA(RED) Reader which 97.25% of the $10 donation amount towards the reader goes towards the Global Fund to fight AIDS. The SQUA(RED) Reader works just like the company’s previous readers, this signature reader is just the company showing that they care.

red square readerAccording to Square, the 97.25% of the $10 donation amount could provide more than 24 days of life-saving medicine for someone living with HIV. The donations doesn’t end with the percentage from the purchases, once customers swipe with the red square reader, your customers can donate right from their emailed receipts to help deliver an AIDS FREE GENERATION.

square red readerFor more details regarding SQUA(RED) Reader, you can visit the official website at red.org. All (RED) monies go directly to the Global Fund to fund AIDS programs in Africa.

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