Staples announces 3-D Printer Availability Online

The guys over at Staples is now making it possible for just about anyone to create all sorts of 3D toys, novelties, and prototypes for devices being designed for various needs right from the convenience of your home or office. Staples has announced that 3-D Printers are now available for purchase from their online store.

Cube 3D PrinterWhen 3-D printers were first debuted, they cost tens of thousands of dollars which put them out of the reach of most users and small business. Thankfully, the cost of 3-D Printers has come down significantly and the Cube 3D Printer that Staples is offering online cost under $1300.

If you would like to purchase the 3-D Printer, its presently listed on for $1299.99. Staples will also offer the printer in a limited number of its stores by the end of June. The printer will work for Windows or Mac computers and will also come with 25 free templates for creating 3-D items. The retailer also supplies the cartridges needed to refill the printer so you are always creating 3-D items.

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