Stash Case for the iPhone 5 now Available

If you are one of those iPhone 5 users who want to just grab your phone and leave your house in the morning, then here’s the perfect accessory for your smartphone. The Stash Case for the iPhone comes with an integrated wallet that allows the user not only to have their phone with them, but it also provides a pocket for credit cards and IDs.

Stash Case for iPhone 5The case was designed to fully protect the iPhone 5, it features a soft rubber strip grips to prevent your cards from falling out of the case. The case will protect your phone from scruffs and scratches with raised edges to protect the screen, in case you lay it down on the face or in-case of accidental falls.

All ports, buttons and camera are lefted uncovered, its now available on the market for the price of $34.99 and it only comes in black.

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