Stealth LPC-125LPM Rugged Small Form PC

Stealth LPC-125LPM Rugged Small Form PCStealth Computer has announced the release of its new ultra small PC called the Stealth LPC-125LPM. This new small form PC was designed specially for in-vehicle, mobile and embedded applications, it measures 4.0″ x 6.1″ x 1.45″ which is approximately the size of a deck of cards and weighing a mere 1.2lbs it will operate in extreme temperatures, it is energy efficient and it draws less than 20 watts of power during operation.

The Stealth LPC-125LPM is protected by a rugged aluminum enclosure, it packs the power of an Intel D525 Pineview 1.8GHz Dual Core processor, it comes with a multitude of I/O connectivity which was built-in to the device which includes a Gigabit LAN, three USB ports, two serial ports, video, audio in/out, an internal Mini-PCIe card slot for special expansion capability and an express card slot as well. It comes with a 55GB SSD and can also be configured with a 2.5-inch mobile hard drive with up to 750GB of storage.

The Stealth LPC-125LPM Rugged Small Form PC is compatible with with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista and Linux. It starts shipping with a base price of $895.

Source: Stealth

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