Steam now has 7.2 Million Users

Popular gaming service Steam is now celebrating a milestone according to its report on Sunday. Steam now has a whopping 7.2 million concurrent users according to the site’s record on December 1st. Steam hit 7,190,578 concurrent users which beat its previous high of 6.6 million users.

steam gaming systemThe new figures show that the service is now growing and has gotten really popular, and this will probably help the company’s upcoming Steam Box gaming devices. In addition to its current numbers, the site also revealed that Dota 2 remained as the most popular game, Global Offensive was the second most popular title, but it was a distant second, as it peaked at 93,905 concurrent users.

Other popular titles includes The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Sid Meier’s Civilization V, and Football Manager 2013. Its all up stream from now for the company as in the coming months we might see an increase interest in Steam, as Valve has rolled out Steam OS and a new innovative Steam Controller.

[Source: Electronista]

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