Streamz Headset has built-in Media Streaming

Streamz Media has launched its first set of headphones which comes with the ability to stream audio from several sources, dubbed the Streamz, it can connect to hotspots and other mobile devices to receive audio over Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0.

streamz headsetIt comes equipped with a 48kHz 16-bit DAC, a microphone input jack, and controls for volume, mode, and functions are adjustable on the left earset, with the right covering basic audio playback controls. The headset uses two 50mm dynamic speakers with 3W vibration drivers and 160mW dynamic amps.

In addition to the specifications listed above it also comes with 4GB of onboard storage which can also be extended by 32GB, thanks to its microSD card slot allowing the user to listen to music without having to connect to any media playing device.

It has a built-in lithium polymer rechargeable battery and weighs 17.5 ounces, its expected to start shipping in March 2014 on the US market for the price of $549.

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