Supreme Burner Phone

Supreme and Blu teams up to sell Burner Phones

American Urban brand Supreme, not the “legal fake” from Italy, is teaming up with American-based phone manufacturer Blu to sell Supreme branded feature phones, they are calling it the Supreme/Blu Burner Phone.

Supreme Burner Phone

The Supreme Burner phone was unveiled in the fall/winter 2019 catalog. The Supreme/Blu Burner phone resembles Blu exiting BLU Zoey 2.4, which means the new phone was rebadged for the fashion market.

The phone is manufactured by Blu, out of the sunshine state and will go on sale starting August 22nd in Supreme’s Los Angeles, London, Paris, and New York stores.

 Supreme / Blu Burner Phone Specs

The Supreme Burner phone is indeed the Blu Zoey 2.4 rebranded and should feature a similar specification sheet.

This means it comes equipped with a 2.4-inch color display, supports 3G networks, only 128MB of onboard storage plus microSD card slot that supports 16GB cards.

Supreme’s Burner phone supports Dual-SIM, enabling the user to have two numbers active simultaneously. There’s a built-in camera on the rear but don’t expect quality pictures — definitely not worthy for Instagram.

We have no pricing details for the new and upcoming Supreme Burner phone but we are expecting not huge price tag, on the other hand, Supreme only offers limited quantities so that could make the price rise shortly after launch.

It will be sold in Black or Red options with the Supreme brand printed in huge letters on the back. Of course, it has Supreme wallpaper because you basically paying for the brand.

Hurry on to the nearby Supreme store today, as you know these merch goes on sale and will be sold out instantly. That’s if you are in need of a Burner phone.

What is a Burner Phone?

A Burner Phone is technically a prepaid phone that has a specific purpose, then disposed of. So a user may purchase a burner phone for temporary business use, or for usage while visiting a country for a short period.

Update 10/19/2019: Supreme NY official sales page has listed the Burner Phone for $60 but is currently “sold out“.

We found the item in other locations for sale. Here are a few links that currently have the Supreme burner phone for sale.

eBay Link:

Mercari Link:

Source: Supreme NY

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