Swann has announced its Sky Dual Remote Control Helicopters

Swann has unveiled two new remote control helicopters that were designed to fly indoors, dubbed the Sky Dual. These new remote control helicopters were designed to deliver extreme fun times in the empty spaces of your living room or even take it outside if you prefer more open space.

Sky Dual Remote Control HelicoptersThey give you to do battle with each other, they fire infrared beams at each other allow you to have fun while fighting it out in the sky with your opponent. You enjoy some friendly fighting action accompanied by whizzing sounds and flashing lights when you fire your virtual missiles at the opponent.

When playing, each player gets three hits before their chopper falls out of the sky. They come equipped with a USB port which enables each helicopter to get up to 7 minutes of fly time from a single charge. Both Sky Dual Remote Control Helicopters are now available and goes for the price of $79.99.

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