T-Mobile Renamed Samsung Pixon As T929 Leica

Samsung Pixon M8800 now T929 Leica
T-Mobile has renamed it’s Samsung Pixon as the T929 Leica. You must know that the Samsung Pixon is also known as the M8800, it presently carries the title of the world’s slimmest full-touch 8.0-megapixel camera phone. A few days ago we had a post on a 8 megapixel shootout and the M8800 was included.

Why T-Mobile renamed the Samsung Pixon in their stores is a mystery so far, however this is a really cool touchscreen handset, which gives the capability to video at 30fps (720 x 480 resolution) or 120fps (QVGA) and it can also do it in slow-motion. Sounds cool right? well there is no pricing information as yet but keep coming back or even Subscribe to our free RSS feed.

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