Team Group Inc. presents Color Turn USB Disk Drive

Color Turn USB Disk Drive
Team Group Inc introduces its new Color Turn E902 USB disk drive. The Color Turn USB features a cap-in-body design which can be opened from each sides with a slight push. You will never have to worry about loosing a cap, it comes in the colors of earth green, elegant purple, and prudent brown.

The Color Turn USB is available in the storage capacity ranging from 2GB to 32GB with a Read Speed of 20~30MB/Sec and a Write Speed of 5~10MB/Sec.

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  1. i bought 1 color turn flash drive but when i plug in,it could not be detected and it produce heat.i don’t know if it shorted or what…i need some help.

  2. i bought 1 of the colot turn usb flash drive but it can not detected in my desktop computer. what’s wrong?

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