LG Smart TV

Televisions and Media Players have reached an advanced stage

Gone are the days when you had to turn a knob to know what is being aired on the television as technology has gotten to a stage where everything is controlled wirelessly and the days when having a Sony Walkman was the only option and portable device to enjoy music while on the go.

Now technology has gotten to a new era where manufacturers can make televisions that show picture in picture, Full HD 1080p resolution and has super fast response time as well as media players no longer needs tapes or compact disk to play your favorite track.

LG Smart TV
Television sets can now be bought in a variety of unbelievable dimensions, they have crystal clear, crisp images plus they even have television sets that run on an operating system such as the Android OS which was developed by Google. The Smart TV from Lenovo is one of the new generation television which is powered by Android OS, it features a built-in 1.5GHz dual-core processor, it will recognize voice commands flicker-free 3D capability and a gaming remote control. If you don’t own one of these television as yet then visit Argos for TVs, they have a wide variety listed.

Media players are getting more and more advanced since Apple released their first iPod Media Player, it was one of the first media players to come with an internal hard enabling the user to store thousands of songs, videos and photos which would be accessible to them while on the go. Now the latest version is the iPod Touch that comes with a full touchscreen display plus the option to install multiple application which could also be used to transform the media player into a phone. An iPod media player can be found for sale from just about any online retailer or you could click for an iPod Touch.

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