Terrafugia flying car up for pre-order now!

Terrafugia flying car
Terrafugia has announced that their flying car successfully made its maiden flight earlier this month. But the big news behind the success is that we will be able to own one really soon as it is up for pre-order if you have the money to buy it.

The Terrafugia flying car runs on regular petrol from the pumps and has wings which folds out in 30 seconds and can cruise at 115mph for 500mph on one tank. The Flying Car just made its first successful flight in New York and will be release in 2011. In the mean while you can pre-order one of the flying cars which will cost $194,000 (£138,000) but if you are planning to pre-order then you will have to put $10,000 upfront to be in the line to receive one. After the jump you will find a video with its first successful flight.

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  1. Definetly, it should be like a regular car. Am wondering if they are going to do any modification on it, u know make it more lookable.. lol

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