The All-In-One Robot Cleaner Concept

The All-In-One Robot Cleaner Concept
Here is our second Concept Gadget of the day, it is the All-In-One Robot Cleaner Concept. If this robotic cleaner ever gets to the production line it will certainly hit the robotic Roomba out of existence. It can be operated as your regular vacuum cleaner or go totally robotic. Its basically two vacuums in one, there is a robotic vacuum attached to the main vacuum which can slide down from the main vacuum and move around cleaning the hard to reach areas such as underneath the couch and when it is finish doing its job or full, it will return to the main vaccum to empty its trash into the vacuum’s disposal bag.

Another “too cool to exist” gadget, I know alot of housewives would just die to have this right now. Thanks to the designers In-oh Yoo & Sun-woong, this is a really great concept.

Robot Cleaner Concept

All-In-One Robot Cleaner Concept

Source: Yanko Design

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