The BodyGuard Armored Stun Gun Delivers 300,000+ Volts

Probably seeing a guy wearing the device in the photo above, your first reaction would be “What a geek”. This is definitely not a geek toy, its the BodyGuard, a Armored Stun Gun that was built to shoot off up to 300,000+ volts of electricity once triggered. The technology behind the device has been patented and hopefully this device won’t be available to just about any creep who can cough up the doe, it would cause havoc in alot of instances. The device was designed and developed by a guy name David Brown, a cameraman who first thought of the idea in 2004 after him and a group of friends had a conversation regarding some people who had been attacked by a mountain lion on one of his regular hiking trails.

The BodyGuard was designed to be a defensive weapon while still keeping your hands free and will be used by police, correctional officers and other military personnels in riots and other situations like that. Brown made the first prototype from medical arm brace, an off-theshelf stun gun and a fire-alarm button from Home Depot in the first 48-hours after the idea came to him. Seven years and 30 prototypes later the first demo model was unveiled at the U.S. Department of Justice’s Mock Prison Riot, an annual training and technology-assessment event. It is encased in ballistic nylon and a hard shell that extends across the forearm, it weighs less than three pounds, and has two stun pins that will deliver a heart stopping 300k volts by simply pressing the button at the palm area. It also comes with a laser pointer, video camera and flashlight. Impressive, the only thing missing are bullets to make it into the ultimate all-in-one defense mechanism.

Source: PopSci

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