The Chronicles of Riddick – Assault on Dark Athena

Assault on Dark Athena
Remember we unboxed a copy of the Riddick-Assault on Dark Athena game for the PlayStation 3 Console. We have been playing it since that day and all we have to say is wow, I have never gotten such heart pumping action from one game before. The game gives first person shooting experience with two different game plays which includes the re-build of the 2004 game “Escape from Butchers Bay” and “Assault on Dark Athena”.

The game was designed by Starbreeze Studios in combination with Tigon Studios and was published by Atari for gaming consoles such as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and other platforms like Microsoft’s Windows and Mac OS X. It is a first person genre games which puts you in the shoes of Vin Diesel in his role as the galaxy’s most hard-ass criminal as he tries to escape from Butchers Bay maximum security prison. The game can be played in single player mode on your console but if you want to experience multiplayer action, it requires a broadband connection, because it can only been done online.

Escape from Butcher’s Bay
This is basically a revamp of the Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay which was a hit game in 2004, the difference is in the graphics as the game play is almost the same.

Chronicles of Riddick
All the action starts when Richard B. Riddick (a psychopathic murderer) is brought into Butcher’s Bay for a bounty by William J. Johns. After Riddick is escorted to his cell, he learns his way around the authorized areas of the prison where he has to kick the ass of a few inmates who wants his head. He meets Pope Joe who is an old inmate of butcher’s bay that helps Riddick after an injury and gives him the “eyeshine” ability to see in the dark.

After receiving the “eyeshine” ability, Riddick uses the ability to his advantage and proceed with his plans of escaping from Butcher’s bay at all cost. See screenshots below…

Riddick- Assault on Dark Athena
riddick1riddick2Riddick - Magazine Cover 2

Assault on Dark Athena
This is where the game picks up from “Escape from Butcher’s Bay”. After Riddick escaped from the prison (he was actually assisted by Johns the same bounty to apprehended him), they were on their ship in a cryogenic sleep when they were dragged onto the Dark Athena. The Dark Athena is a gigantic mercenary vessel that was taken away from its original occupants and is now ran by Revas and Spinner.

Johns gets apprehended by Revas and her men while Riddick uses his stealth tactics and infrared/night vision eyesight to hide, sneak throughout the ship to find a way to escape. After escaping from the Dark Athena, Riddick wakes up on a beach, where he then enters an abandoned city where civilians are being murdered and the bodies being harvest for use as drones in Revas’s Army. Riddick then realizes the only way to leave the Island is to go back on the Dark Athena. He makes his way through the city and to a dock where the Dark Athena is. He is attacked by Spinner using some robotic suit, after defeating Spinner he makes his way back on the ship where he meets back up with a little girl he met earlier in the game. The little girl tells him that her mom showed her how to make the drones turn against Revas’s men. He fights his way through the ship where the last battle took place between him and Revas.

More Screenshots
Riddick - Dark Athena - Riddick 5Screen11Screen126

What I Like..
* How you can turn on to stealth mode and sneak behind the enemy and take then down.
* How you can turn on to stealth mode and hide in shadows and dark areas.
* Riddick’s hand combat skills.
* The Weapons

What wasn’t so interesting..
* Drone’s weapons can not be removed..
* While using Drone’s weapon you cannot move from the spot you are standing in.

Assault on Dark Athena is a awesome and kick ass game that deserves a million re-plays.

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