The Diff Case

The Diff Case for the iPhone 4s

The Diff Case
This cannot be compared with the BiKN Smart case nor the Aqua Tek S but the Diff Case comes with many uses and a weird design. There are iPhone cases that comes in different shapes, sizes and colors but the Diff Case goes further in shape as well as protecting your privacy.

First of all, what makes the Diff case different is its design, the case has a privacy cover and a sun shade that acts as a screen protect when closed, when opened it can be used to help block the glare from the sun to increase readability as well as preventing the nosy person next to your from scooping out your text messages.

The Diff case was designed with a hump on the bottom that acts as a bumper in cases of accidents and protects the device when dropped or bumped. It also comes with holes to attach to a tripod so for those photographers that has an iPhone, the Diff case will come handy. The Diff case isn’t the most attractive case but it will keep your device protected, it is available for $34.95 per unit from the maker’s website.

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