The Digital Bolex Camera Final Look!

Digital Bolex Camera

The new Digital Bolex is a camera being developed by film makers for filmmakers. If you remember the 16mm Bolex film camera, it was revolutionary in its day.

Fast forward to 2012 and a group of young inventors launched a successful kick starter campaign to create this camera and a year later, here is the final design.

The best thing about this camera isn’t its really cool look, its the fact that it really is a Digital Bolex, Key Word “DIGITAL”.

Its going to record a whom-ping 2K Resolution and in RAW at that, with 4:4:4 color space. Basically, for all the non-techies, its going to look like a film camera and only cost around $3,000.

Which if you are a DSLR lover or fan of the Canon 5d MKii or MKiii, this is a GREAT alternative with a film like look and a price that won’t hurt your pockets either. There is a lot of content over at the Digital Bolex website.

They have a lot of information and a few videos showing what the camera can do. To get in a small handheld package something that looks even close to a FILM camera,what use to require a 20 pound or more rig just to move back and forth and keep stable, is AMAZING.

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  1. This is incredible I really appreciate the article and there’s a lot of good information here can’t wait to get my hands on the digital Bolex

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