The Eclipse, a Curvy Modern-Designed Landline Phone

Eclipse Curvy Landline PhoneThe Eclipse Phone is a Curvy, Modernly designed landline from Designer Sebastien Sauvage. The landline phone was inspired by Western Electric’s iconic Sculptura phone from the 1970s, but comes with modern features such as support for digital DECT lines, it has a base unit that flows into each other making a complete cirle and a wireless headset that has a full colored LCD display.

The Eclipse also features a High Quality Duplex speakerphone and all the features you would expect from a device as gorgeous as the Eclipse. The timeless design of the this DECT phone appeal to just about everyone living in the twenty-first century and even though it was inspired by a device from the past it certainly lacks the retro design. According to Sauvage, the phone is expected to hit the market sometime in early 2012 so this has the potentials of becoming an actual product.

More Photos of the Futuristic Eclipse Landline Concept.
Eclipse by Sebastien Sauvage

Eclipse Landline Phone

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  1. A gorgeous looking phone, but you would think that it would need some sort of app capability. Could this be the last throw of the dice to save the landline telephone?

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