The i-dration Bottle Syncs to your Smartphone

The i-dration Bottle Sync to your Smartphone
Here is an innovation to water bottles, its the i-dration Bottle that will sync to your Smartphone using an App and will remind you when you need to hydrate while working out. The i-dration bottle will collect data in real time, data including temperature, and the amount of water you have consumed. It send the data it collects to the Smartphone app which will have all your vital stats and fitness levels on. The bottle will flash a blue light when its time for you to get hydrated. The i-dration Bottle is still in development and should be showcased at the upcoming CES in Las Vegas. Hopefully LoopyGadgets and LoopyCellphones will be at CES for the first time in 2011, so if we are there we will definitely be keeping our eyes out for the i-dration Bottle.

Source: ElectricPig

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