The iEraser Ultimate Screen Cleaning Device

The iEraser Review – A Handy Screen Cleaning Device

The consumer electronics market have revolutionized to a stage where most devices that has a screen no longer comes with physical buttons, instead the user is left with an on-screen keyboard which results in smudges, dust and tons of fingerprints on your device screen, leaving it looking unattractive as well as having limited visibility.

If this is a problem you are facing with your touchscreen smartphone, desktop or tablet, then you might want to get the iEraser Screen Cleaning Device. The iEraser Screen Cleaning device was debuted at the CES 2012 in January, unfortunately we wasn’t there to get a upclose demonstration but the company was kind enough to send us a sample for testing.
The iEraser Ultimate Screen Cleaning Device
It features a patent pending design with microfiber pad that traps dust and erases fingerprints from your screen, leaving it spotless..

The device fits right into the palm of your hand and will clean just about any screen you have around the house, these includes your iPad or Android tablet, flat screen TV, Laptop, Desktop, Kindle or other eReaders and even your touchscreen smartphone.

iEraser Ultimate Screen Cleaning Device
The iEraser is definitely the “Ultimate Screen Cleaning Device” as the package states boldly, and we only concurred with what’s printed on the packaging because it proved just that to us. Unfortunately, we didn’t have an iPad or tablet to test the device on, so we had to go with the next best thing, two laptops in the office.

After a couple of swipes over the screens of two 15.6-inch laptops, the screens were virtually spotless and the results left on the iEraser had us disgusted but still proud to show that the device actually works. The device revealed debris that were apparently on the displays for quite sometime but seemed to be invisible to the untrained eye, the part that amazed us is that by tapping the iEraser a few times, all the dust and debris trapped in the microfiber were gone, leaving the cleaning pad virtually dust-free as if we hadn’t use it at all.

iEraser packaging
Another noteworthy thing about the device, it was made right here in the USA which is the reason why we urge you guys to support the iEraser.

In this economy even the government is urging consumers to support locally made products, the iEraser is available for purchase on the company’s website at, it will only cost you a mere $14.95 to own, plus you get the option to choose between the three different colors, black, white and pink.

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