The Kyocera NEO E1100 Cellphone

Kyocera Neo E1100
The Neo E1100 is one of the newest cellphones from Kyocera which is available at U.S. Cellular. The Neo E1100 features a 1.3 megapixel camera, micro USB connector, Bluetooth Connectivity and Speakerphone, some specs you don’t normally see in a phone for just under $30 especially this sleek looking Clamshell phone.

For a small price with the Kyocera Neo E1100 you are certainly getting for more than you are paying for. The physical features of the Neo will blow away those of you expecting a slimmed down RAZR style phone. The phone’s front is divided by a thin blue OLED light strip (“light-pipe”), which also wraps around the camera and gives the phone a HAL 9000 vibe.


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