The Lightning Dock for your iPhone 5 now Available

After Apple released the new iPhone 5, loyal Apple customers were furious and happy at the same time. Furious over the fact that their old accessories would not work with the new device and in the same breath they were happy that the next big thing had arrived.

iPhone 5 Lightning Dock - Hard WoodInstead of the regular 30-pin connector port which all iPhone users had became accustom to, the iPhone 5 featured a different port dubbed the Lightning Port by the makers. Old Docking Stations no longer works with your iPhone, so The Lightning Dock has launched their own iPhone 5 dock which uses the Lightning connector.

By now most iPhone 5 users should know that not all accessory manufacturer will be able to ship the Lightning connectors as it requires an authentication chip in order to function, but the guys over at the Lightning dock has managed to get their product approved. The Lightning Dock features a minimalist design and is available in a variety of different options, which includes an anodized aluminum version, a black anodized aluminum version and a version made completely from hard wood.

It seems to get the job done, which is basically to prop your phone up while charging it. If you wish to grab one of these new iPhone 5 Lightning dock then the anodized aluminum models goes for $34.95 per unit while for a more rustic feel, the hard wood model will cost you only $24.95.

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