The Merlin, Jet fighter style racer – by Popa Lucian

Fighter Jet inspired Rad Racing Car
Like this super rad racer by Popa Lucian (aka: Sleepy) inspired by jet fighters? If yes you can go and vote for it over at Local Motors. They have a design contest going and because the want undiscovered top guns of automotive design to step up and show their true grit.

Above is the Merlin designed by Popa Lucian aka Sleepy, the merlin features a carbon fibre body, a tubular chasis, a tubular chasis with carbon fiber body paneling, side mounted cooling system, a fighter style HUD (heads up display) and front disc brakes located in inside the nose of the car for better cooling. More pictures after the jump..

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Merlin Fighter Jet Racer Car

Fighter Jet Racing Car

The Merlin

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