The Most Desirable Merchandise This Christmas

iPhone 5
iPhone 5
The latest Apple iPhone, the iPhone 5, was released in 2012, and is thinner and lighter than its predecessor. The screen of 4 inches is also taller than the iPhone 4. The upgraded A6 processor is designed to enhance camera performance, and it also makes the new iPhone faster than earlier models. Initially, the iPhone 5 will only work on EE. The traditional dock connector on Apple devices has also been replaced on the iPhone 5 by a smaller connector.

iPad 3

Though it looks similar to the iPad 2, the latest version of Apple’s iPad, aided by a retina display, has a sharper screen. Surfing the net, viewing photos and watching films are all noticeably improved on the iPad 3, compared to the iPad 2. The newest iPad has four buttons and is slightly heavier than the iPad 2.

iPod Touch and iPod Nano
iPod nano Media Player
Beloved of music fans, Apple’s iPod is really the Walkman of its age. The iPod Touch has recently seen a screen size increase and it now comes in a variety of colours. Improvements in the latest iPod Touch include a superior camera, and a processor that is powerful enough to allow more powerful applications to be utilized. The new rectangular Nano has now got Bluetooth built-in, is a lot thinner, and possesses a large touchscreen.

Kindle Fire
Amazon Kindle HD
The revolutionary Amazon ebook Kindle reader is ideal for individuals who love reading, but who also want to save on bookspace. The Kindle Fire can hold up to 6,000 books. It can also be used as a music storage device, as it can hold up to 800 songs. Though the Kindle Fire can also be used to store movies, at present there’s only room for approximately 10 films.

Mini Microscope for iPhone 4

This gadget, which is compatible with the iPhone 4, will give magnification of up to 60 times. Using the microscope involves a simple process of attaching it to the iPhone’s camera, and of then selecting a subject to magnify. Images can also be saved via the iPhone’s camera, and a battery is supplied with the microscope.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

An alarm clock with a difference, the Sunrise Alarm Clock acts as an alarm through a choice of 10 natural sounds, combined with the glow of the clock itself. The clock is designed to wake an individual up in a gradual way, and to help make beginning the new day less stressful than the jarring sounds of the traditional alarm clock.

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