The Motorola MotoPure H12 Headset

MotoPure H12MotoPure H12 is a sleek and lightweight headset that combines modern style with simple functionality. This new headset sports the CrystalTalk technology from motorola. This CrystalTalk technology has 2 microphones for voice clarity and is designed to cancel out excess outside noise.

MotoPure H12 to chat safely while driving, it does offer the ideal blend of comfort and style befit of a celebrity. The headset’s small rectangular size and corrugated spun metal frame.

Features Include:
Sleek and modern styling
Comfortable clear plastic ear hook
3 sizes of soft rubber ear buds
Slim volume/mute bar
LED light battery meter
Noise cancellation technology
About 5.5 hours talk time
Automatic low power mode
Simple pairing
Easy to use call/answer button
Bluetooth range = 30′

Presently available in consumer electronic store for approximately $76.

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