[Review] The Power Bag BackPack Keeps Devices On When On-The-Go

PowerBag BackpackRemember when a Cell Phones could go for days without charging, when they didn’t carry the same features as a mini computer? Those were the days when you never had to worry about missing an important call due to a lack of battery juice but there is a solution, now that the average mobile phone can’t seem to go a full day without requiring a wall or car charger. It is called the PowerBag, an urban style backpack that was designed by ful and it does just as the name suggests, it powers your devices while you are on the go.

Thanks to the guys from MyPowerBag, we received a sample to put to the test and the results are great and it is worth recommending to your friends who has multiple devices that always needs recharging. I am just going to say right off the bat that the PowerBag is a brilliant Idea, I could slap myself silly for not thinking about the concept first.

Powerbag Logo
The PowerBag Logo which also acts as a button, when you are ready to charge your devices.

The first thing that really caught my attention was the design of the backpack, I heard it was a bag-pack that charges your devices while you are on the go, so I thought that this had to be a bulky, heavy and poorly designed bag that no-one will ever want to walk around with, but when It was delivered to the office I fell in-love with the design because it looks even better than some brand-name bags that are sold in department stores for some crazy prices. It was professionally built with what seems to be a durable material.

It’s Capabilities:
You might say that the bag is a bit bulky but in my opinion, it charges my iPod, Tablet and Blackberry Bold so really I don’t care, dude I am a mobile power house with this bag, it makes me wish I was back in college.
The Powerbag, is basically a bag with a battery built-in. If you are more the business type then they also have messenger and briefcases with the same awesome capabilities, plus you have a choice of colors as well.

It has two main pockets, the largest is the one closest to your back which plays the perfect host for your Notebook or Netbook, judging its width I would estimate that it carries a 17.3-inch Notebook. It comes padded so there should be no worries if you accidentally drop your bag. The second largest pocket should store an iPad or other tablets and it is home to a few other smaller pockets as well as the source of the power (the built-in 3000 mAh battery). The battery is smart as it will disengage once your device is fully charged or you remove it, preventing battery drainage so there is always power for the next device.

Powerbag Notebook
Here is an example of a Notebook in the Powerbag.

There is a small pocket on the side of the bag which should hold your smartphone or media player quite easily, there are a few plugs that were integrated and ready to charge your device. There is a 30-pin plug for all iOS devices including the iPhone (all versions), iPod Touch or Classic and a double-sided cable with a microUSB and miniUSB plug for other smartphones and media players.

To charge your device, simply connect the device you wish to charge, then press and hold the Powerbag button which will illuminate up to 4 LED lights hidden beneath the bag’s exterior to indicate the amount of juice lefted in the battery. On the side of the unit located where is battery is attached, there is a USB port which enables you to connect a cable and charge your iPad or other devices when the miniUSB plug in the side pocket is occupied.

Powerbag Connectors
The built-in 30-pin iOS plug and double plug with micro/miniUSB connectors

My Conclusion:
The PowerBag may not seem as awesome as I described if you have a car, because you can use a car charger to recharge your devices but for those who don’t own a car it is an good investment if you want to always stay connected.

The straps were designed for comfort which means having a notebook, tablet and smartphones inside shouldn’t be an unbearable load. The zippers were constructed with quality metal, believe me I made multiple attempts to break a zipper but I just couldn’t succeed.

The Awesome:

  • The Powerbag comes with a built-in but removable 3000mAh battery that does what it is intended.
  • Three charging cables and a USB port for charging other devices such as your MP3 Player or e-Reader.
  • Comfortable for hours of travelling around.
  • The Powerbag will carry your devices as well as your books or even clothing.

The Bad (But not so bad)

  • It’s a bit bulky but not a problem to me.
  • They are selling the PowerBag for $139.99 on their website, but go over to Amazon and you will get it for only $98 (hurry only three left in stock.)

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