The Samsung Tobi S3030 – A Cellphone for Kids

The Samsung Tobi S3030
Samsung announces the Tobi S3030 a really cool slider phone design with pre-teens and young adults in mind. Not only teens but if you are a kid at heart don’t be afraid to go and get a Tobi because you are as old as you feel.

Samsung used eco-friendly materials without any polyvinyl chloride (PVC) while making the Samsung Tobi, and added some cool features that your kids will definitely love. Features such as a 1.3 Megapixel camera, a integrated music player which will have your kids bopping their heads all the time, Bluetooth 2.0 connectivity and up to 15MB internal memory and a microSD card slot if more memory is needed.

The Samsung Tobi S3030
You will never see a phone with such a friendly graphical user interface and really cool themes. The Tobi is also available in 6 different colors, they are Sweet Pink, Loyal Blue, Apple Green, Bright Orange, Oasis Blue and Snow Silver. The Tobi is highly customizable, you get the option to insert your favorite photo or image under the see-through protective sleeve on the back.

The phone will be available in the UK and Italy first then European countires, CIS and China will get it later.


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